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I'm So Excited To Meet You!

I see you have decided that we are a match, and I am sincerely so excited to make your acquaintance.


 I have shared as much as I possibly could throughout the pages of this website with you, this email will be the time for you to tell me a little about you. First impressions mean so much to me. I have decided to not include a booking form, and would prefer if you email me instead at to ensure all our correspondence is discreet and encrypted. 

In your first initial email, please be sure to include more about you, and what you are desiring from our time together. Your full name, place of employment, and the approximate date and time you would like to meet. If requiring my time for a event or travel date, I require at least 48 hours notice. 

I require 1-2 recent references from providers you have seen in the past year. Be sure to include their email, website, as well as the approximate date you last seen them. Please be sure to ask permission of the provider first before forwarding any contact info. Please include as much about you as possible in your first e-mail, so the booking process can be smooth for both of us.  I also ask for you to include as much about yourself as you can, in order for me to successfully verify you. This includes your email, phone number, full name as well as place of employment (LinkedIn page is preferred). 

If references cannot be given, please don't hesitate to tell me and we can go forward with alternative forms of screening.

This entire website was designed by me and is truly written from the heart; so this is a true reflection of who I am.

As a independent companion, I take care of all my own booking processes, as well as screening, and reservations, so I would kindly ask for a period of 24 hours for any replies. I will be as courteous to you as I possibly can.


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