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The Date Packages

Each of these packages have been designed with connection in mind. Let's share extended time together over a meal, before we escape the world and unwind between the sheets, or spend the night falling asleep in each-others arms. Please allow atleast 24 hours notice in order to plan any of the following dates.

I can't wait to adventure with you!


NEW! (Only Valid for the Month of February)

The Love Struck Date Package 

a Special Date Curated for Those That Desire for Me to Be Their Valentine, and Escape into a Romantic Haven Together to Celebrate

This Date Includes:


Valentines Decor

Rose Petals as You Enter and Surrounding Us

Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Other Love Themed Goodies

Champagne and Bubbly Water

and Many Intimate Moments

Exclusively offered at my place Only

2.5 Hours - $950


The Dinner Date

For those searching to unwind with company over delicious food, and then the ultimate dessert afterwards. 

Includes 2 Hours for Dinner, and 2 Hours for Private Time

$1200 CAD


The Overnight

Complete with pillows, cuddles, and many moments to kiss, the overnight is perfect for those that are seeking to wake up and go to sleep in bliss next to someone special. 

Includes 14 Hours, Starting in The Late Evening and Ending after Breakfast in Bed 

$3000 CAD


The Toronto Tour Guide Date

For those that may have never visited Toronto, or desire to explore all it has to offer. Join me as we adventure around town enjoying the sights, sharing a fun city staple and then stopping for a delicious meal afterwards. End the night off with me in your arms intertwined under the blankets and enjoying private moments together.

Includes 4 Hours for City Outing,  2 Hours for Our Meal, and 2 Hours for Private Time

$1800 CAD


The Strictly Social Date

For those desiring to share a special adventure by my side in a social setting only. Let's explore the city, go see a movie, visit the museum, or a local pub for some brews and laughter! You can also use this package if you are desiring to have me accompany you to a special event

Includes 4 Hours for a Social Activity Only

$600 CAD


The Spa Day Date

Let's Escape to The Ultimate Relaxation With a Couples Trip to The Spa, Followed by Intimate Moments at Mine or Yours Afterwards. Whether Sharing the Steam Room Nude, Full Body Scrubs, Hammam Rituals, or Enjoying Tea in The Lounge, This Date Promises Pure Bliss and Relaxing, Bonding Experiences

Includes 3 Hours for Spa, and 2 Hours for Private Time (All Spa Treatments to Be Taken Care of By You)

$1400 CAD


The Indoor Dinner Date

Allow me to Treat You to a Meal Made By Me, Complete With a Glass of Wine, Hand Holding Over the Table, and Your Taste Buds Fluttering.

(Can Also Be Shared With Us Ordering In)

Includes 2 Hours for Our Meal, and 2 Hours for Private Time

$1300 CAD


The Beach Vacation
for 2 


Allow Me to Accompany You to a Tropical Paradise Where We Enjoy Sun, Sand and Ultimate Romance Together


5 Day Package 

$9000 CAD + Flights/Accommodations 

This Package Includes:

- 5 Full Days Together of Exploration, Adventure and Fun in The Sun

- Complimentary Couples Massage by The Beach 

(Booked and Purchased by Me)

- 3 Course Special Dinner on Our Last Night 

(Booked and Purchased by Me)

- Guaranteed Cuddles, Laughter, Candlelight, and Unforgettable Memories

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