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Before We Meet

Please Read In Full Before Requesting A Date

- Screening is a must, for my safety, as well as yours. Please include your references, as well as any other information that may help me with screening you in your initial e-mail; to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

- I consider myself low-volume and I am only available with 24-48 hours notice. I take pride in catering to longer arrangements, although short rendezvous can still be arranged with enough notice.

- Requests for photos or videos during our time together are prohibited

- Please leave your envelope in plain sight prior to your freshen up period.

- All engagements require a 25% deposit

- If you have a request for a specific outfit or dress during our date, please ensure you include that in your initial email

- If you will be late for our date, for any reason, please tell me as soon as possible so I am aware and can try to accommodate the time

- If we are meeting in a public place, please enclose your donation within a magazine of your choice, gift bag, or other discreet form of payment

- Hygiene is of an upmost importance to me and will ensure we can have a comfortable time together with ease. Please feel free to use all toiletries provided to you within my private bathroom, and all suitors are required to freshen up at the start of our time together. 

- I am completely open to duos, trios, as well as couple dates. If you are desiring for me or you to bring a plus one for our time together, please provide separate envelopes upon arrival for each provider, and I do require that any suitor desiring a duo or trio with another provider that you match our rates to ensure comfortability for all of us.

- If you desire to bring a beverage or any other libations to our date, please ensure they are sealed upon arrival. 

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