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Please refer to the calendar below when requesting a date via email. Feel free to inquire about any dates not listed below and with enough notice I can try and accommodate you.

*NOTE: I have recently acquired a new Incall location in the Mississauga, ON area, and I am so excited to have the chance to host there as a way of opening my schedule to those that are closer to Mississauga and unable to travel to West Toronto to my official location. I have set aside dates specifically for Mississauga availability, but feel free to suggest other dates as well that are listed for Toronto and I can try and accommodate you*


Available in Toronto, ON 

February 6th - 10AM-8PM

February 9th - 12PM-5PM

February 12th - 12PM-8PM

February 15th - 12PM-7PM

February 19th - 11AM-8PM

February 21st - 12PM-7PM



Available in Toronto, ON 

March 4th : 11AM-9PM

March 7th : 10AM-7PM

March 10th : 10AM-8PM

March 12th : 12PM-9PM

March 15th : 2PM-10PM

March 17th : 11AM-5PM

March 21st : 2PM-11PM

March 24th : 11AM-7PM

March 28th : 12PM-9PM

March 30th : 4PM-11PM



Available in Toronto, ON 

April 1st : 12PM-9PM

April 4th : 11AM-6PM

April 6th & 7th : 12PM-10PM

April 11th : 2PM-10PM

April 13th & 14th : 11AM-7PM

April 16th : 12PM-5PM

April 18th : 11AM-9PM

(I Will Be Away On Vacation From April 21st-May 5th, 2023, and My Responses to Emails and Inquiries Will Be Slower During This Time. Please Forward Any Inquiries for April & May in Advance so I Am Able to Plan Prior to My Trip Away to Ensure a Smooth and Fast Process)

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